Blasting Cubicle

Art.Nr. 32650
This method of sand blasting is patented by us! Sandblasting efficiency without any air compression! Just use your vacuum-cleaner for perfect results.
  • for cleaning, matting, paint stripping, restoration or artificial aging of fittings, car and motorcycle parts, models, architectural models and horology, goldwork and much more
  • The patented sandblasting process uses vacuum, so even sensitive parts and structures can be blasted gentle
  • internal dimension of cabin: 260x220x150mm
  • This method has been developed specifically for the DIY enthusiast and is used specially for blasting of small parts.

included in delivery
  • 1 kg sandblasting material Asilikos
  • 1 holding forceps
  • 1 jet pipe
  • 1 PVC-tube
  • 3 pcs protection foil
  • 1 adapter for vacuum cleaner
   212.20 EUR  
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Blasting Cubicle

Art. 32650 212.20 €