hand chain saw
with belt pouch

Art.Nr. 56011
Effortless sawing - also for thicker branches and trunks - quickly and effectively as with a power saw. Perfect for garden, camping and outdoor.
  • Premium chainsaws chain from hardened tool steel - indestructible and durable
  • Each chain link has saw teeth - so the cut will be effective and the chain can not jam
  • Opposing saw teeth - so is cut with each stroke
  • Due to the special tooth form the force is reduced enormously and the chips will ejected from the cutting area
  • The chain can be easily sharpened using conventional files or devices
  • Both sides nylon wrist straps for safe working
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Ideal for cutting work on trees, shrubs and roots, in the garden, outdoor and camping
  • Indispensable for gardeners, foresters, campers and hikers
  • Follow the safety instructions!

Technical data
  • Total length: 121 cm
  • Chain: 80 cm / 43 members /
             33 teethed members
  • cutting width ca. 5 mm
  • Suitable for wood and plastic

Scope of delivery
  • 1 Kaleas hand chain saw
  • 1 Nylon belt pouch
  • 1 short instruction
   15.90 EUR  
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hand chain saw
with belt pouch
Art. 56011 15.90 €