We have great ideas

and we have filed patent applications for a number of them. After all, it's the great ideas that bring about progress. The 3D grinder and the vac blaster are only some examples, our new laminate cutter is another. One area of our operation is the commercialization of industrial property rights.

Your industrial property rights

If you are an inventor with great ideas, you should get to know us. We are always interesting in introducing innovations to the market. We not only support you in the marketing aspect, but also assist you in implementing your ideas and making them marketable. This can be done through a wide variety of conceivable cooperative agreements, from licensing to the purchase of existing industrial property rights. Our extensive connections offer great opportunities to make your invention available to a broad audience.

Our industrial property rights

When it comes to marketing our own industrial property rights, we are always interested in continually establishing new contacts. In addition, we issue licenses for our patents, all the way to exclusivity with territorial protection. Did you find a product in our portfolio that fits your distribution structure? If so, we should probably get together.